What are Illuvitars?

Illuvitars are collectible NFT's derived from Illuvials used in the game Illuvium. The NFT serves a purpose to be a work of art that becomes the players Profile Picture aka (Pfp) used in game. Illuvitars are collected from D1sks, that contain both Illuvitars and Illuvitar Accessories. The D1sk is a cache of Illuvitars and Accessories. You can bond these accessories to your Illuvitar to make it more unique, or hip, to rep your style.

Since Illuvitars and Accessories and D1sks are NFTs, this means you have ownership over them and can trade or sell them for other NFTs or funds with other players on the Illuvidex or any compatible exchange.

Each Illuvitar offered has been hand drawn and can come with 3 different expressions. Common, Uncommon, and Rare. Multiple backgrounds are also rolled and each Background has 3 stages as well. The higher the Stage, the more rarer that Illuvitar has become. When D1sks are opened, stats are rolled and the Illuvitar is minted based on a power (points) algorithm. Illuvials have 5 Tiers, and the higher the Tier the harder it becomes to obtain that Illuvitar. Illuvitars have profile power based on its Tier and Expression, and a background power based on its rareness creating a combined statistic called Total Power. This Total Power can be raised by bonding accessories to it, please note that bondng creates a new NFT and is non reversible.

I should state that here, that while Tier 1 thru Tier 5 Illuvials will not be minted again, be aware that Tier 0 Illuvitars are excluded from this rule. A Tier Zero Illuvitar is included in every standard d1sk alongside a random Tier 1 thru Tier 5.

Illuvitars are available to be purchased in sets and waves. Each wave released contains a certain number of Illuvitars, and a time period to purchase these D1sks. Once completed, those Illuvitars will no longer be minted. These creates a collectible marketplace, for those desiring During each sale, there typical is a Alpha sale, which provides the same D1sks, with a special Alpha Stamp, which is for collectors who want the best of the best.

Since there are so many Illuvials created for Illuvium, which means a whole bunch of Illuvitars are available, they decided to make a mini-game out of the NFT project. A collectible game to earn in-game cosmetic features has been developed. This mini-game is called Illuvium Beyond. You are given an album on the Illuvidex, which you can fill out with collected Illuvitars. You complete sets and by doing so, you earn things, such as skins, emotes, battle boards, etc in game. Also a leaderboard was created, in which case you can earn ILV tokens if you are in the top 100 based on the Illuvitar Total Points System of all album slotted Illuvitars.

Thousands of Illuvitars can be viewed in my Asset Browser, Illuvitars for Sale can be located here in the Illuvitar Marketplace browser. The Most Powerful Top Ranked Illuvitars are available to see here. If you are interested in the value of Illuvitars, we list the Recently Sold Illuvitars here with the sale price in ETH and approximate USD value.