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Patch 0.3.5 now available. Download Illuvium and start playing Arena today!

Download the video game Illuvium and experience an exciting journey into the world of blockchain-based gaming and interoperability. Illuvium has garnered significant attention for its innovative blend of blockchain technology and captivating gameplay. To begin your adventure, you first need to create a free account, and only your email is required. Agree to the Terms & Conditions in their usage policy. From there you can download the free client. It's safe and secure from one of your favorite and trusted online game marketplaces, the Epic Game Store.

Here are the step by step instructions:

Step 1: Create account

Click the Illuvium download link or the large image above, to proceed to the website. Click "Play Now" A box will appear, choose create new account.

Register your email address and create a password. That's it! You may be required to verifiy your new account via email.

Step 1 is complete!

Don't worry or panic about creating crypto wallet's at this time. Illuvium is and will always be free to play, they will easily onboard you into web3 with a self hosted wallet in the background to hold your assets, if you ever wish to go down this path and want to trade or sell your assets, its a extremely simple streamlined process.

Step 2: Download Client

Follow the same process as step one, this time when you click the "Play Now" button, select download. If you already have Epic Games Store app installed as many gamers do, a window will appear to launch Epic and start the download process. If you do not, a link will open to install the Epic Gamestore app. You can use this or if you feel safer, just visit or Click the blue download button in the upper right.

Once installed you can search the store for "Illuvium" and begin the downloading process via their online marketplace.

As you initiate the download, you'll witness the anticipation building, knowing that you're about to step into a stunning, immersive world filled with mythical creatures, strategic battles, and unique opportunities for blockchain-based collectibles. Illuvium's gameplay, rich narrative, and cutting-edge technology promise to provide an unforgettable gaming experience, making the downloading process just the first step on your epic journey into this imaginative realm. Illuvium is more than a game, its a lifestyle. Illuvium takes advantage of the blockchain and asset ownership so you can take your content, earned, bought, etc to the next game and so on, ensuring you extreme value for your time investment. Good Luck on your new adventure, be sure to shoot me a Hello on my socials, that you found Illuvium at the ILV Store.