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Get Involved with the Illuvium Community

The best way to get connected with the Illuvium community is through their Discord Server where over 175,000 members connect with others.

Join the Illuvium Discord for communicating with a community of players, fans & investors. Connect with others and discuss gameplay, share stories, learn about the DAO & Governance, etc.

Next up, you can find latest happenings in their Up to Date Illuvium News section on their website which contain development updates, events, partnerships, tutorials, governance, and other popular information

How to stay safe on Crypto Discords

Guard always up! Crypto related Discord's are a breeding ground for malicious actors looking to trick newcomers. Be sure to turn off direct messages aka DM's, immediately! Almost all scams are done through direct messaging, They will try to trick you into giving up your crypto passwords or install some software to steal your wallet info. No one is going to DM you here. They will be acting/impersonating someone like a mod, important user, or giveaway bot to catch you guard using fake lookalike profiles.

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