Hi, I'm Zigzag_ILV, an Illuvitologist. Welcome to my Illuvium Store where you will find my quality Illuvium Items, NFTs and Gear for sale. This includes in game content, such as Illuvium Zero Land, Illuvium mined and harvested resources, Illuvium NFT's, and Illuvials. I also provide a Illuvium Beyond Browser, and a Illuvium NFT Wallet manager, for help browsing assets in your Illuvium NFT Wallet, to find and manage your content quickly.

If you are looking for ILV Merchandise Apparel such as tshirts, hoodies, plushies and more is here. I will review them here at ILV Merch

Illuvium Affiliate Program

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Illuvium Beyond Wave 2 Calculator

Click here for Wave 2 Calculator

The calculator I made for Illuvium Beyond Wave 1 is back and updated for wave 2. Use this to help allocate your funds and see how you want to spend your resources to aquire your D1sks by getting the costs in ETH, USD, and SILV2.

ZBeyond - Illuvium NFT Wallet Manager (BETA)*

ZBeyond Tool (Illuvium NFT Wallet Manager)

ZBeyond will help you manage your Illuvium NFT's quickly and with ease. You can browse the Illuvium assets and marketplace using simple filters. We have pagination and sorting methods that can provie data much quicker. It also provides interesting statistics.

To start viewing Illuvium NFT's for sale, View assets, and your own wallet, simply click on the desired collections in the menu above... Illuvitars, Accessories, D1sks, and Land

If you wish to filter by your wallet or anyone elses for that matter, simply Enter Their IMX Wallet Address in the wallet text box. You can then use the navigational tools on the left to filter for specific NFT's

Accessories, Land, and D1sks coming soon

* Project is in Beta Mode, Use at your own risk, please verify transaction descriptions are accurate before purchasing

Latest Beyond NFT Sales

Sold For: 0.000030606 ETH
$0.05 USD
Sold For: 0.000030606 ETH
$0.05 USD
Sold For: 0.000030606 ETH
$0.05 USD
Sold For: 0.000030606 ETH
$0.05 USD
Sold For: 0.0041530625 ETH
$6.57 USD

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Top Illuvitars by Total Power

Rank 1Top Ranked Illuvitar #1
Total Power: 8073
Rank 2Top Ranked Illuvitar #2
Total Power: 7657
Rank 3Top Ranked Illuvitar #3
Total Power: 7283
Rank 4Top Ranked Illuvitar #4
Total Power: 7235
Rank 5Top Ranked Illuvitar #5
Total Power: 7205

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Latest Minted Illuvitars

Illuvitar #518328: Nature Grokko
Total Power: 40
Illuvitar #518327: Holo Lesser Monkier
Total Power: 1281
Illuvitar #518325: Fuming Caradulo
Total Power: 862
Illuvitar #518326: Water Fliish
Total Power: 40
Illuvitar #518324: Earth Doka
Total Power: 40

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